Discover the Adventure of Tea.

For millennia, tea has been the favorite drink of emperors,
explorers, poets and farmers. Its history is one of mystery, discovery, and adventure. But sadly, the wonder of tea seems all but forgotten. AdventureTea™ seeks to change that. We travel the globe in search of the highest quality tea leaves and herbs, sourced directly from sustainable growers in the most exotic and unexpected locations. We venture beyond the known borders of tea production to restore the wonder of tea and bring you a wholly new experience.


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Tea is liquid adventure. It should be sipped upon the pitching deck of a ship inching through the slushy seas of the South Pole. It should be enjoyed while plucking the poisoned darts of angry natives from one’s pith helmet, or patching the holes that a tiger’s incisors made in one’s best dress shirt. Yet it seems the only place you can find tea these days is within the meticulously familiar interior of a mega-corporation’s coffee shop, or masked with the ubiquitous flavor of lemon cleaning-product and funneled into aluminum oil-cans for quick consumption. We call shenanigans.

At Adventure Tea, we believe life is about exploration, and we refuse to capitulate to convenience. Our leaves are sourced from local growers in some of the world’s most underutilized and exotic locations, hand-packaged, and delivered directly to you in their natural state. No tea bags, no chemical sweeteners or “natural” flavors, no one-size-fits-all mass-production. We want each cup of our tea to be a unique experience for you—and hopefully an inspiration.

Fight the mundane. Join us on the adventure.