Canadian Peppermint Tea – 1.0z


This Canadian Peppermint Tea is as Canadian as it gets. Welcoming, hardy and wild (literally). Hand plucked in the forests of Northwest Canada, the brutal weather it endures imparts a particularly intense flavor and an incredibly robust constitution. The perfect tea to drink during an attempt to navigate the Northwest Passage on your barnacle-crusted ship.

Tastes Like: Mint, naturally. A sweet-yet-bold mint flavor that feels like a breath of Arctic air. Naturally caffeine free.



Roald Amundsen, on his historic traversal of the Northwest Passage, spent two winters on an ice-locked island in the far reaches of northern Canada. Many believe the lessons he learned from the local people were the key to the success of his mission—particularly the concept that the land will always provide for the adventurer who has the skill and knowledge to tame it.

The peppermint we selected for our Canadian Peppermint Tea exemplifies the spirit of wild Canada. It grows in the dense, cold forestland of Northern Alberta, where it endures brutal temperature extremes alongside the intrepid farmers who pick and dry it each year to warm their bodies during the long winter. The result is an exceptional mint, as cool and bold as the land that birthed it—and as hardy as those who drink it.

“We see many fine sunsets here, unique in the splendour of their colour. No doubt the surroundings in this fairyland of blue and white do much to increase their beauty.”
– Roald Amundsen

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