Greek Mountain Tea – 1.0oz


Our Greek Mountain Tea was harvested—wild—from among the rocks on Greek mountainsides nearly a mile above the Mediterranean. Also known as “Olympos Tea”, it was thought to be one of the favorite drinks of the Gods (we can see why). Some historians believe ancient armies would drink the tea after battle to help speed the recovery time from wounds caused by metal weapons.

Tastes Like: Subtle floral, herbal, and lemon aromas combine with nuanced earthy tones on the palate and a smooth body. Naturally caffeine free.



Our Greek Mountain Tea may have sparked a war for the fate of humanity. According to Greek Mythology, when the Titans, fathers of the Gods, chose a headquarters from which to wage the greatest of all wars against their children, they chose the peak of Mount Othrys in the heart of Greece. Some have speculated this may have been due in part to a fragrant herb that grew on its slopes—an herb that, when steeped in boiling water, produced a pale yellow liquor every bit as desirous as the fabled Ambrosia…

Millennia later, the Titans are a forgotten memory, but that herb still flowers on the craggy flanks of Mount Othrys. Having outlasted even the gods, Greek Mountain Tea needs no fertilizer or pesticide to thrive: only the sustenance provided by the ancient Greek soil—and perhaps the eternal memories of Greece herself.

“There is nothing impossible to him who will try. “
– Alexander The Great

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