Himalayan Oolong Tea – 2.0oz


We think oolong is pretty much the French wine of the tea-drinking world: old, established, and revered. And since we’re the kind of people who would prefer to drink a nice Burgundy from a canteen in an ice cave while riding out a sudden blizzard, we chose to source our Himalayan Oolong from among the soaring peaks of the world’s tallest terrestrial mountain chain.


Tastes Like: Sweet floral notes coupled with vintage, frostbitten wood. A surprisingly creamy consistency that lingers.



It’s fitting that this vertical land was first explored by the son of a tea farmer, for the orderly rows of tea feel as much a part of these mountains as the rusty soil and ephemeral veils of mist.  The garden clings to a steep tumble of land more than a mile above sea level. The air is crisp and thin, redolent of cool moisture and budding tea. Absolutely everything is a brilliant shade of green, save for the snow-shrouded peaks jutting impossibly high on every side.

Legend has it that paradise can be found hidden in the shelter of these mountains. If you set out with a canteen of Himalayan Oolong Tea on your hip, we think you might just find it.

“He is lucky who, in the full tide of life, has experienced a measure of the active environment he desires.”
– Eric Shipton

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