Washington State White – 0.9oz


Our Washington State White Tea hails from a small rain-soaked farm in the Pacific Northwest that produces some of the most succulent and delicate white tea you’ve ever tasted, which is a pioneering adventure in itself. No one grows artisan tea in the mainland United States. It just isn’t done. Until now.

Tastes Like: Buttery, grassy, and subtle, with a touch of berry sweetness and honeysuckle aroma; you could think of it as the Napa Valley chardonnay of white tea.



Even the thought of growing tea in the state of Washington requires an adventurous spirit—and the history of our cultivar’s pioneering experiment to grow this Washington State White Tea reads like the journal of an ancient explorer:  

“…Record low temperatures killed half the plants. …Tea equipment is on the way, I am hopeful for the best.”

“Damaged plants never recovered. The stronger varieties survived, but there are missing plants…I’m trying to keep things in a natural balance.”

“After some hard thinking, we decided to continue…it was either continue or quit; it wasn’t an easy decision.”

However, without exploration—and those willing to suffer the setbacks inherent in being the first to undertake something that has never been done before—there would be no discovery. In this particular case, the discovery was that Washington’s rich soil and cool, wet climate not only produce stellar chardonnays, but also an exquisite, buttery white tea that is every bit as complex and alluring as the finest glass of wine.

“Do just once what others say you can’t do, and you will never pay attention to their limitations again.”
– James Cook

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